Here We Go!

My first ever post on a blog…

I’m scared AND excited about my study.

As I’m typing: my hubby is preparing dinner and watching the footy with my eldest son, the baby is sleeping and my two girl’s are watching “Nim’s Island”. Without them, I wouldn’t even be studying.

I love teaching, which I did full-time for just over 10 years prior to children. However, since having them, my priorities have changed. I was an Assistant Principal, but can’t imagine going back to the hours that one must put in, to do the job properly. I need to work, but would like a change from being in the classroom. So, I’ve started on this adventure knowing that the next two years will be chaotic, but praying long-term it will be beneficial for the family.

Also, I’ve been living in the dinosaur era technologically and having read the modules, feel that I will be pushed into the 21st century finally!


Here We Go!

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One response to “Here We Go!

  1. Alan Ellis

    Thanks for the favourable mention – your family is very proud of you!!!

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