Leadership Theory

Messy Library


I have unexpectedly and coincidentally found myself in a position of leader within our Learning Centre. Our Learning Centre has a 7-day a week allocation of which I’m doing 3 days. The other Teacher Librarian is undertaking a Return to Work program having had nearly 6 months away on sick leave. Due to my previous leadership role as an Assistant Principal and now currently studying a Master of Teacher Librarian, the Principal has instructed that I take on all administration roles and the leadership role in the library. It has been a while since I’ve been in a leadership position AND I’m not that experienced at being a Teacher Librarian! The Learning Centre has incurred a $40,000 loss during the last stocktake. New procedures and policies have had to be implanted this term and there has been a physical movement of all resources to make the layout in the Learning Centre a more practical place in which to work. The next step is labelling and decorating…

xQ Questionnaire

I was surprised at the 67% score yielded by the xQ Questionnaire as I thought it would be higher, but it was higher than the US National Average. Based on my point of view, things our school organisation needs to improve on include:

  • translation into action – team planning being clear and organisational line of sight;
  • synergy – communication within teams, trust within teams and collaboration within teams and
  • accountability – individual initiative and responsibility for results.

Areas in which I feel our school do well include:

  • clarity of goals
  • commitment to goals
  • enabling – enough resources are provided and there is active support for work-team goals.

Buzzle Leadership

Not surprisingly, my leadership style came out as democratic/participative. This is certainly my ideal, but I’m not sure that I always achieve it! I do value the suggestions and opinions of other group members and try to involve group members in the decision-making process. However, I find it hard to value group members who express their opinions but are unwilling to follow through with their ideas and/or provide a workable solution to their ideas.

Marzano’s Theories on Leadership

It was refreshing to be reminded of the different styles of leadership and their origin. In theory most of us know the type of leader that we would like to be, but in practice, it is not always so easy to implement. I also believe that leaders can adopt different leadership styles depending on the context. It’s okay to be a transactional/situational/transformational or instructional leader depending on the team you are leading and the role that you are playing within that team. It’s knowing which leadership hat to put on at the appropriate time.

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