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Conscientious Objector

This is the 2.4 Forum Task:

Select a curriculum topic of interest.

Select one of the online communities or resource sharing services listed in Section 2.4 of Module 2, and spend some time searching for tags, hashtags, lists or communities of relevance to your topic.

Share a link to a relevant online resource with others in that community, and tell us about it in this forum.

This is my response:

I read this task and inwardly groaned. I understand that for some people, online forums and professional networks are important formats for finding information and discussing contemporary issues. But it’s just not my go. I also understand the professional benefits in theory, but prefer to link up with local schools, read journal articles or discuss with my peers educational issues. I have tried facebook and twitter, but just don’t enjoy the “noise” that goes along with it. There are so many comments to read and keep up with that I find it tedious. I love going on to forums and reading selected comments, but am a reluctant contributor (even to our Uni ones!). I have a blog only because it is a requirement of this course, but I don’t enjoy posting any of my comments for the whole world to be able to see – not that anyone outside of our course is interested…maybe I should post these comments on my blog and see what happens!

I also dislike having to join-up, create a logon name and think of a password. (I have a whole notepad full of logons and passwords, which I’m sure everyone else has too.) Then all these other emails start coming in that I don’t want. Delete. Delete. Delete.

I have looked at both delicious and diigo and LOVE how I can bookmark websites that I’ve found. I created an account with both, but prefer diigo, which I use regularly.

I know that Pru and Roy are probably going to be horrified by my comments, but unless I HAVE to do this activity, I’m going to choose to be a conscientious objector! It’s also interesting to see that other students have bypassed this Forum and completed 2.5 and 2.6, but not this one…

Here goes! I’m closing my eyes as I press the post button…


PS. Am more than happy to have my views critiqued, but please be respectful.

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