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Library Curating

This incredibly busy and visually stimulating website uses the LibGuides curating tool to showcase a myriad of resources both print and digital that are available for teachers and students.

It contains everything from links to resources on particular themes, Book Week activities, library information research skills, library lessons, book reviews, book recommendations, author websites, events at the school and staff resource links, just to mention a few.
While it was visually appealing, the tab bar at the top of the page took some time to read through before finding a particular resource. However, once that resource was found, the actual link opens quickly to reveal videos, picture links and further information. This would be a model that I would like to use for our school library, but on a more basic level.

Jackson, D., King, L., & Press, R. (n.d.). Australian International School Library: Junior School [Website]. Retrieved from http://libguides.ais.com.sg/content.php?pid=200669&sid=1677343


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