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Website Evaluation Form

Website Evaluation Checklist – Teachers

Subject: ____________________________________________

Grade: _____________________________________________

Site Title: __________________________________________

URL: ______________________________________________

Date: ______________________________________________

Author/Site creator: __________________________________

To assess the value of a website, consider the criteria described below and tick the box that best suits.




1. Educational Criteria
    Does this site contain sufficient information on this particular subject?
    Is the information useful for the purpose of this subject?
    Is the information accurate for the purpose of this subject?
    Are the majority of students able to read the information?
    Is the information on this site well organised?
    Are there suitable interactive activities for the students?
    Is it suitable for students who are sight impaired?
    Is the content suitable from a Christian perspective?
2. Reliability Criteria
    Is the author of the material clearly identifiable?
    Is information about the author available?
    Can the author be easily contacted to verify information?
    Is there a date for when the site was created?
    Is the site updated regularly?
    Can the information be easily checked against other links       on the site?
    Is the sponsor of the site easily identifiable?
    Is the site impartial? (i.e. unbiased)
    Is this site free from advertisements?
3. Technical Criteria
    Does the web page load in a reasonable time?
    Is it easy for students to navigate around the site?
    Is there a good balance of text and graphics suitable for the students?
    Is the spelling and grammar correct?
    Do the links work?

Considering the above criteria, is this a website you would consider using?      Yes      No

(Remember educational criteria are essential to assess the suitability of the site.)




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