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Principal Support

In my opinion, principals have varied in terms of their support for the library and the TL. In some schools it has been wonderful and in others not quite so good. Those principals who keep up with current academic research are more likely to advocate collaborative learning practices and inquiry-based learning using the library as a significant place for resource information. Those principals who scheduled collaborative time on staff development days between teachers and the TL demonstrated their support (Oberg, 2006).

However I do believe Haycock (2007) when he states that, “the lack of role clarity, particularly as witnessed by misconceptions and misperceptions, has been a barrier to successful collaboration” (p.29). Morris summed up the key charactieristics of a TL when s/he had the support of the principal.

At this stage, I need to convince my principal that I’m more than a teacher and that I am developing the skills to be a TL so that I can become a highly qualified librarian (Kaplan, 2007).


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